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Dad Visits His 6 Year Old Daughter's Grave. What He Does Leaves Me Speechless!
This father's got a thing or two to say about living life, and they're words worth sharing. When you're done watching, make sure your friends see it too. This one's heavy.
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They Left An Ice Cream Sandwich Bar Out For 75 Mins. So Gross, I Was Shocked!
The internet's buzzing about it — the ice cream bar that just WON'T melt, that is. So, this guy put it to the test.
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I Never Expected THIS At An Old Folks Home. These Seniors Are Too Cool!
60 Residents of Diana Isaac Retirement Village in Christchurch, New Zealand wanted to prove to their grandkids just exactly what they're made of. 
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Man Sees A Hawk About To Be Killed By A Snake. You Won't Believe What He Does!
This man witnessed a hawk being strangled by a bull snake and decided to step into action. You won't believe how this ordeal ends! Truly shocking.
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This Premature Baby Was On The Verge Of Death, And Then THIS Changed Everything.
Miles Ward was born three and a half months premature. The footage of him so tiny and fragile after his birth is incredible. But this story is moving because of his fight to survive with his loving mother at his side.

A mother's love is powerful!  Share this video and spread the love.
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Her Kids Took Her Photo At The Beach. At First, She's Horrified. By The End? Wow
Here at the SF Globe, we love sharing raw, honest stories by real people. This is one of them. Bridgette White shares her true thoughts as she makes a discovery after her kids take a picture of her without her permission. At first, she is horrified to see herself in her true form.... 
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I Thought It Was Just A Normal Van, But Then I Got To See The Inside! Wow!
When money isn't a question, people can build some amazing things.  On first sight, you would think this is a normal car, but when the door opens, it's spectacular!
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No One Expected This Dog To React Like This Around A Wild Deer. Incredible!
It was just a normal day, when suddenly, the family pooch noticed another creature lying on his porch. What happened next is absolutely unreal. Wow!
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This Bride's Dad Died Before Her Wedding. What Her Family Does For Her Is Unreal
The only thing missing from this lovely bride's special day was her father, who unfortunately passed away shortly before her wedding. But what her family did to pay tribute is truly touching. Amazing.
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I Didn't Think A Couch Could Turn Into THIS. I Want One!
Proteas has invented this awesome new sofa, which transforms!  It's super cool, and could be very useful as well.
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He Enters An Abandoned Warehouse. What He Found Inside? Unbelievable!
35 Genius Life Hacks Everyone Should Know, Especially #18
He Didn't Know How To Tell His Daughter's Boyfriend This, So He Made This Song.
He Asked This Homeless Man To Borrow Something. What Happened Next Was Magical.
I Got On The Treadmill. I Didn't Expect To See THIS Happen Next To Me! Whoa!
27 Photos That Demonstrate The Power Of Makeup. #5 Is Unreal.
This Rollercoaster Would NOT Be Legal In The US. When You See Why, You'll Freak!
I Thought These Kids Were In A Swimming Pool. Then I Looked Closer. Whoa!
From Outside, Looks Like A Normal House. I Stepped Inside And Was Shocked.
This Mom & Her Kids At The Beach NEVER Expected To See THIS! I Was Speechless...
At First, I Saw A Man In A Beetle. I Moved Closer And Couldn't Believe My Eyes!
She Photographed Herself Everyday For A Year. The End Is What Really Got To Me.