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He Enters An Abandoned Warehouse. What He Found Inside? Unbelievable!
You can't judge a book by its cover. That's why most wouldn't bat an eyelid at this abandoned-looking warehouse. But one photographer was brought in to chronicle what exactly this warehouse was hiding.
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It Looks Like Whipped Cream, But You Won't Believe What Happens When Microwaved!
When he started spraying that white stuff into the pan and cupcake tin, I had no idea what he was trying to do. Then he put it in the microwave, and that's when I was really confused. By the end I thought it was an amazing invention.
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He Realized He Couldn't Live Like This. What He Did To Change? Unbelievable!
Taylor Morris is a Navy vet who suffered major injuries from an IED blast in Afghanistan. Taylor's story of recovery is an inspiring one, definitely worth sharing. So, share it!
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He Saw Two Holes In His Backyard. He Followed Them, And This Is What He Found.
After finding holes like these in the backyard, you can't help but wonder what got in?  And what was it doing? Well, the answer will surprise you!
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Robin Williams Talks To A Gorilla. I Couldn't BELIEVE What She Asked Him To DO!
Koko knows what Robin Williams is good at — making people laugh. So, it shouldn't surprise us when she asks him to tickle her!

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Her Child Was Torn From Her Body. It's Almost Impossible To View These Images
Some things happen in this world that seem to pull the rug from under our feet. Whether it is because they are unjust and heartless. Or unnecessary and pointless. Or simply inhuman and shameful. 

Warning: Following photos are quite graphic, but it helps raise awareness around an ongoing issue. 
Birita_Blahamar  THE HYPOCRISY AND LIES OF SEA SHEPHERD It is just more comfortable for some people buying the meat in the store all nicely packed in plastic with no visual blood anywhere. That way they can abstract from the killing of the animal and feel good about themselves when they eat a steak and probably they can convince themselves that no animal was harmed for their meal, but for us who live closer to nature and actually know where our meat comes from, it is a fact of life that an animal has to die for us to get a meal. You don´t see the slaughter and the blood of a cow, a chicken or a pig, but that does not mean, that it´s not there. It´s just nicely hidden from the public eye, so that people can feel good about themselves and abstract from visualizing the blood. You don´t see how the animal is treated prior to the killing or what kind of life it had prior to the killing. Our Grindadráp takes place in open nature and we have nothing to hide. The pilot whales live free in the ocean their whole lives until the killing, which is done as fast and humane as possible, but of course the ocean turns red of the blood, just like a glass of water would if i got a papercut and held my finger over the water. This is natural and does not make the killling any worse than any other killing of animals for consumption. The problem is that people that have no connection to nature have lulled themselves to sleep all cuddled up in the belief that they can eat and survive without any animals dying or at least they don´t have to worry about how their KFC chickenwings were killed because they can abstract from that side of the story. I mean, didn´t their meal come all nicely packed in a bucket ? The double cheese burger has no connection to a cow, it just popped out of McDonalds wrapped in paper ! Long live hypocrisy....
Birita_Blahamar  Sea Shepherd - educate yourselves ! A lot of SS members claim that the poor faroese children must get affected by the Grindadráp in a negative and harmful way so that they become violent and scarred for life, but in fact faroese children are well balanced and in harmony with nature. Surely the Grindadráp is a scene of death and blood but our children understand why animals are killed. We also have thousands of sheep on the islands and a great number are killed every year for consumption. This is something that most of the children are involved in as their families own the sheep and this is a natural part of life when you are living close to nature and kill animals for consumption only. I am glad that my children know where their food comes from and proud that they do not think that meat only is something well packed in plastic in the store and have no knowledge of it´s origin. Our heritage is that of the fishermen and farmers and we take great pride in only killing for consumption. Every part of the sheep is used, sweaters are knitted from the wool and so on. The whale meat is distributed free amongst the people of our islands and often with great consideration of the elderly, for whom it is of great value. Faroese whaling has never been commercial and never will be. After the Grindadráp the bones and other remains are taken care of and there have never been bones from whales lying around our beaches. About the mercury pollution of the whale meat, there is only one thing to say : Stop polluting our oceans, please !
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This Sleeping Firefighter Got What He Deserved! I Can't Stop Laughing!
This drowsy fireman learned a valuable lesson that day: NEVER doze off around a bunch of prank-happy firefighters. The ending is HYSTERICAL!
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A Girl Puts Coins In A Street Musician's Hat. What Happens Next Stuns The Crowd.
The musicians putting on this moving performance are from the Vallès Symphony Orchestra in Spain.
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In The Waiting Room Of This Clinic, This Older Couple Did Something Fantastic.
Fran & Marlo Cowan are an absoutely charming couple. They've been married 62 years as of 2008. Here, the pair are playing a spontaneous piece together during their visit to the Mayo Clinic. 
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This Guy Was Trying To Scam Her. But He Wasn't Ready For THIS! My Jaw DROPPED.
We've seen THIS scam before. A guy lays down in front of traffic in an attempt to be hit, non-fatally, with the goal of winning some settlement on behalf of the driver's insurance. Why's this one different? Well, she didn't see him!

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She Calls Herself A 'Fat Girl' - Wait Till You See How She Can Dance! Amazing!
They Spotted These Pipes. Then, They Found Out The Secret Beneath Them. Wow!
In 30 Secs Learn How To Close A Bag Of Chips With Just Your Hands! Never Stale!
She Photographed Herself Everyday For A Year. The End Is What Really Got To Me.
I Never Knew The Impact Eating Peanut Butter Had. I'll Never Look At It The Same
A Lioness Killed A Baboon, But What She Did Next With The Baby Is So Shocking.
She Was Asked To Pose At The Beach, But Was Never Prepared For This! Hilarious!
Looks Ordinary At First. When I Took A Step Back, I Couldn't Believe My Eyes!
The Bride's Father Passed Away. Her Walk Down The Aisle Took An Unexpected Twist
He Was Filming The Beach. All Of A Sudden, He Couldn't Believe What He Saw!
They Were Invited To Hang Out With Friends. Instead, It Was Their Own Funeral.
I Had NO CLUE Vinegar Could Do This! Especially Not #7. Did You Know About This?
She Put Her Hand Into The Water, Did NOT Expect This To Happen! Wow!
I Got On The Treadmill. I Didn't Expect To See THIS Happen Next To Me! Whoa!